Manic Street Peachers

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I’m very often asked about the first single I did for the Manics, after working on loads of demos, in fact most of the tracks on the first double album for Sony Records, the first single released on SBS Records in June 1988, I got the disc cut in CTS Studios London with the legendary Mr Mike Brown, I can remember going up to CTS with the master and leaving it with Mike for the lacquer master to be delivered back to me, only to have mike contact me a few days later asking me to go back up to the studios to have a listen to the 15ips tape master, he thought it sounded wrong” the EQ’s all over the place” he said, when I got there he played the tape and said see it sounds crap, after a listen and trying not to laugh or feel embarrassed I plucked up the courage to say “ No Mike it supposed to sound like that “ get with the programme mate !

Old Manics Stuff

Some of the memorabilia, I still have the original master tape 15 ips the disc cut at CTS , test pressings and copy of the first single. All for sale if you got the money ! - Glenn








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