Video Production

Having worked on various film and video projects over the years the turning point came when working on the “Calzaghe Clan” for BBC2, Glenn was invited to produce a four episode series entitled “Discovering Sardinia with Enzo Calzaghe“ after two trips to Sardinia we are now working with over twenty five hours of footage to log . Teaming up with Pete from Lens Flair Wales came at just the right time.

Now working with Pete Owen Williams of Lens Flair Wales SBS are able to provide a film and DVD production facility aimed at producing corporate DVD and promotional films adding a new dimension to the overall facilities. Having worked in the past on film music and effects, teaming up with Pete Owen Williams of Lens Flair seems like a natural progressions says Glenn.

A Track taken from the New Jazz Aliens " The Dance album"

Enzo Calzaghe MBE and Joe Calzaghe( as he says Mad Bad Enzo ) interview with Pete Owen Williams

Music Videos

Music Video was a starting point many years ago, what more can we say.

Corporate DVD

Producing material for the corporate sector is a new and challenging area far different from the glamour of the music industry, but quit rewarding when our clients are showing our presentations at trade fairs and coming back with sales and positive feed back, as they say every picture tells a story.

Presentation for Trade Fairs and Exhibitions

The best way to display your company and products when at an exhibition is a DVD on endless loop playback, most larger companies have been able to take advantage of this for many a year but now it is an expected must have to compete in a competitive market place, with production costs down it is ever more affordable to produce a good quality presentation to sell your business. From a video clip for the web to a fully function DVD presentation , we have also been involved with aerial photography and now add this to a list of our facilities.